The Ivy Showroom is the ultimate destination for stylists, buyers & costume designers. Various outlets sourced by savants of the fashion industry have been merged into the showroom, creating a wardrobe haven that caters to any need. Whether it is for a special event, music video, television or film, our extensive inventory provides clients with more than 200 pairs of current designer shoes, luxury designer dresses, and exclusive designer items, with jewels and accessories to create any look they hope to attain. 

A personalized experience is guaranteed to be had by each client of the showroom, every time they decide to visit. We’ve established appointment only scheduling to ensure our team can fully engage with our client to understand their needs and provide exceptional service. 

Each garment is personally selected by our creative director, Fiskani, who has been trusted for her expertise in the industry for nearly ten years as a stylist to some of the most sought after talents in the entertainment sector. Clients continue to rely on her discerning eye for fashion; which is why she decided to expand her involvement in the industry, by providing a space that houses a range of impeccable items that allow a mere vision to become a captivating reality.  


The Ivy Showroom is sought out by fashion elitist to source the perfect look that will allure any audience; regardless of the event or purpose. Enter the showroom once, and you’re sure to return.